Long-span multi-story systems

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Multi-story means multiple choices

Learn how to choose the right long-span composite system for your application. See the key features of three distinct systems and the span-to-depth ratios they provide.

Long-span multi-story systems infographic

Then explore the range of performance factors, aesthetics, and cost benefits they can deliver to your next multi-story project.

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Understand the range of capabilities each system offers

Long-span composite systems are engineered to optimize a wide range of mid- to high-rise applications. Learn how to choose the right system, accelerate the construction timeline, and reduce costs on your next project. New Millennium is your source for design assistance, technical information, and steel building systems supply.

Manage floor height while providing fire, vibration, and sound control. Steel-based long-span composite solutions are fire-rated without protective coverings. Optional acoustical treatments absorb sound energy and can provide architecturally exposed deck options that eliminate suspended or furred ceilings.

In addition to enabling flexibility in anticipation of occupancy changes over the service life of the building, certain long-span composite systems are ideal for the renovation of existing buildings. Lightweight deck components allow for maximum maneuverability without resorting to heavy lifting equipment. Lightweight concrete topping option reduces loads to existing supports and foundations.

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Market segments and applications

Inspiring structural steel design and engineering solutions from a wide range of market segments and applications.


From sweeping interiors at the nation’s biggest air travel hubs to functional rain canopies at outdoor train and bus stops, steel is the ideal material for transportation projects.


Accommodating open space designs with needed flexibility and integrating seamlessly with branded architectural visions makes steel the right buy for retail construction.


Structural steel makes the grade by providing safe and cost-effective environments conducive to learning, while mitigating the acoustics of eager students.

Large Venue

Creating open and artful spaces for fine performances with large gatherings, and scoring big with sports fans at major stadiums, structural steel wins every time.


Composite steel deck creates open spans for life-saving equipment, while controlling vibrations that can interfere with surgical procedures in healthcare facilities.


Engineering and design breakthroughs contribute to aesthetics and performance with structural steel deck solutions that maximize overall space efficiency.


With new construction projects optimized and historic spaces revitalized, structural steel is reshaping today’s office development projects beautifully and efficiently.


Design efficiency is at work in the steel joists, Joist Girders, and deck that provide the open spans and MEP integration of today’s warehouses and wide-open-industrial spaces.

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